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Started in 1979, the Gary Martin Kung-fu Centre is widely recognised as one of the world's great martial arts schools. Guided by Gary Martin, an authentic Grand Master, we have continued to grow and excel to the degree that our School is now the largest single martial arts training School in Australia.

"Our reputation is such that visiting Masters, even from China, all agree that our students possess a rarely seen level of power and skill."

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons our students are so highly regarded is that Gary Martin has only one School. While many other teachers have sought to open branches all over the place, Gary has focused on developing one School with the clear goal of making it equal to or better than any other elite martial arts school anywhere in the world today.

The grades our members achieve are authentic, and world class. Interestingly, many of our students are actually higher ranked than a large percentage of teachers of other schools

Our nightly workouts are unique, and actually combine three separate workouts:-

Strength and Power Training Drills

This section of the workout is designed to add power to all of the striking weapons we use in kung-fu and include punching power, elbow striking power, knee striking power, kicking power and grappling muscles.

Kung-fu Fighting Skills and Strategy Training

Our students can fight hard one on one, they can fight multiple opponents, they can ground fight and they can defeat opponents with knives. In other words, they are excellent all-round martial artists.

Focus Mitt / Kick Shield Power and Endurance Drills

These drills utilise a high degree of cardio fitness and are graded in difficulty as the student progresses higher up the grades. Professional evaluations have shown our senior students have comparable fitness standards to elite athletes from other sports (example professional football).

Our classes are high energy, with a great atmosphere of friendship and positivity. While every one of our students wants to be great at their kung-fu, a strong sense of team spirit is felt by everyone at the Centre. Every effort is made to assist each and every one of our students reach standards of excellence.

From the high standard of our teaching team, video playback equipment, to the deep level of mastery Gary Martin has of the arts, it's not hard to see why our students are as highly renowned as they are, and why the School has been featured in 100's of magazine and newspaper articles.



Focus mitt drills are done nightly to increase punching power