Head Instructor: Gary Martin

Gary Martin is the owner of Australia's highest aclaimed martial arts training School. The School is respected overseas, as well as locally. After over 40 years, the School still continues to excel. Many of Australia's highest ranked martial artists are training at the School. Gary:-

Commenced training in 1959

Commenced teaching in 1979

Achieved Master level in 1981

Achieved Grand Master level in 2006 - All of Gary's grades are supported by signed certificates. Gold Sash is supported by signed certificates and Statutory Declarations.

Is the only Master who has had 9 of his students grade to Master level (a 22 year journey)

Has an undefeated fight record.

Hall of Fame Kung-fu Instructor of the Year

Awarded the Tribute Award for his "Outstanding Contribution in the Development & Positive Promotion of Kung-fu in Australia".  The second person ever to achieve this award.

Gary is backed up by the most formidable teaching team in Australian martial arts. As well as our School's Masters we have individually chosen Black Belts and Red Sashes to form our School's 14 strong instructing team. Each one has awesome martial arts abilities and is trained by Gary how to get the best out of each and every member of our School.




Gary's daily workouts are tough and focused Gary says "I don't believe I have the right to ask my students to train hard, unless I train hard myself".