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Very few martial arts school's today actually teach real world self-defence anymore. Most of them now teach sport (boxing, kickboxing, sparring, MMA). At our Centre we WILL be teaching you self-defence for real situations which could one day save your life. You will also get fitter, stronger and be more confident, and enjoy the satisfaction of perfecting three of the world's most respected martial arts. 

Membership into our School is limited to people, male and female, over 16 years of age.           

Our class fees are kept low and affordable - WE DO NOT HAVE CONTRACTS.

Beginners are welcome, as are experienced grades from other martial arts styles looking for a more stimulating training environment .

Our gym is centrally located and is only 20 minutes from Campbelltown area, 10 minutes from Bankstown area, 10 minutes from Cabramatta area, 20 minutes from Sutherland area, and basically walking distance from Liverpool.

We have new people joining us all the time, so for any information regarding training times, address,  what to wear, etc. call or text 0416 227872.


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Gary and Julie Martin