More than Defence

Many people start gym or boxing/kickboxing/MMA only to find that after the first few months it starts becoming repetitive. The same thing over and over with no depth to the training to keep them interested and motivated for a long period of time. This leads to the person stopping and losing out on the healthy lifestyle they wanted when they started.

This is never the case at our School. No other school in Australia has a program anything like ours.

First, our members are introduced to a fitness and martial arts program that in itself is extremely motivating and interesting. Then the training starts to include: controlling your emotions, managing stress, high performance goal setting/achieving, acupressure and how to take Herbs for better health, psychology, kung-fu weaponry, positive mental imagery (used by olympic athletes to improve performance), martial art combat strategies, diet.  We have massage training, we have memory retention training and the list goes on. (It should be noted that all of the these programs are included in the nightly workouts with no additional charges.)

In our School there is always something new coming up to look forward to learning.

At our School the positive healthy lifestyle you are looking for won't be boring, it will be something you want to do.  



Gary Martin Teaching Chinese Medicine