How Effective?

VERY! The techniques taught by Gary Martin are so effective they are illegal in all forms of martial arts competition. Not one of our members has ever lost in a real confrontation. We do not train our members to compete in competitions, they are one on one with a ref to control the event. Real attacks are with knives, bottles or groups of attackers and NO rules. This is what we train and prepare you for.

Real street defence is a highly specialised and not widely known part of the martial arts field, and it's Gary's knowledge in these skills which has made our School the most popular in Australia.

We closely monitor what type of attacks are occurring in Sydney and make sure our training is correctly covering these situations. When compared with Muay Thai Boxing and MMA for example, it becomes clear that we are not just another sport like they are, but in fact, a complete fitness/fighting system designed to protect you against real attacks that are taking place now in our suburbs.


Use of elbows, knees, hands, kicks - GMC-Yes   MTB-Yes   MMA-Yes

Ground fighting - GMC-Yes   MTB-No   MMA-Yes

Defence against Multiple Opponents - GMC-Yes   MTB-No   MMA-No

Defence against Knives - GMC-Yes   MTB-No   MMA-No

Defence against Bottles & Glassings - GMC-Yes   MTB-No   MMA-No

Defence against Baseball Bats etc. - GMC-Yes   MTB-No   MMA-No

Defence against Heavier Opponents - GMC Yes   MTB-No   MMA-No

Game over. We could list another 20 reasons why, when it comes to fighting/defence in the real world, our Kung-fu is by far the most effective.

At the Gary Martin Kung-fu Centre we train you to end a fight, not spend 5 rounds in one.



Defence against knives is one of our main training priorities

Iron bars, baseball bats are common in the street. We train you to defend against them.

Glassings and bottle attacks are a real issue. Our members know how to deal with this type of threat