Frequently Asked Questions

Question: To be good at kung-fu, what level of time commitment do I allow?

Answer: We train 3 times a week, as this is the optimum level for fitness and martial arts skills progression. Some members train twice a week. This is the minimum we recommend.

Question: I have seen other martial arts schools where the master is rarely there, or is totally unapproachable to talk to. Is Gary Martin 'accessible'?

Answer: Gary attends & teaches every workout. Not only is Gary approachable, he has a first name friendship with all of his students.

Question: Your class fees are so low, this can't be Gary's full-time occupation?

Answer: No it's not. Gary's full-time job is working in the field of motivation to elite athletes and business people. Gary trains high achievers to perform at their peak mentally. People who join us often stay for many, many years (which by the way is the number one indicator of a top School), so to assist them in enjoying their training our fees are kept low.

Question: Are there kids in the class? I feel strange training with kids.

Answer: No. Our classes are adults, male & female, 16 years and over. The average age is mid twenties, the oldest mid 50's.

Question: Will I get fit training with Gary Martin?

Answer: Fitter than you have ever been! We build your fitness up at a safe and sensible rate and as the weeks and months progress you will actually look and feel fitter and stronger. Our members have fitness levels which have been evaluated as being equal to elite athletes.

Question: Is there a grading (belt) system in the School?

Answer: Yes. The gradings in our School give you targets to aim for which keeps your training always interesting. The grading system also allows the Master to keep the arts easy to understand by being able to teach it in stages.

Question: I have friends who train at your School and recommend it highly, but they travel a long distance nightly to get there. Why don't you have branches in all suburbs?

Answer: Our belief is that kung-fu should only be taught by a Master. There is absolutely no doubt that a student learns and develops best under the watchful eye of a dedicated Master. It takes over 20 years to become a real Master. A real Masters role is to mentor the students to become Masters themselves. We do not believe that pursuing large numbers of branches is the best interest of the student. Dedicated students travel to us to learn, and they are given the best tuition and personal care possible. We are a true kung-fu school, not a multi-level marketing style business. What you learn is unique and rare. Gary's insistance on not 'selling out' and having branches everywhere ensures it will stay that way.

Question: Does kung-fu teach the mental side of training?

Answer: This is actually a large part of what we teach. Mental strength, mental focus and controlling your emotions is just as important to us as the correct punching and kicking techniques.

Question: I've seen 'Cage' style fighting & kickboxing on television. Are you anything like this?

Answer:  No. Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA are what we call ring sports. This type of training only deals with fighting one opponent, usually of the same size and weight. Our training covers a far wider range of defence situations including knife defence, glassings, baseball bats, multiple opponent attacks, and opponents of different sizes and weights. Our training is safe, challenging, affordable and at the same time - enjoyable.

The type of people that train with us aren't interested in stepping into a ring or cage and fighting for money.



Most martial arts train for tournaments- sport.
You win some you lose some.

We train for the real world.
Losing is not an option.