The next newsletter will be out soon, with more training tips and advice on mental focus, diet and much more.  

One thing that is really pleasing to see is the number of people rejoining the School who had previously trained with us in the years gone by. They all say a similar thing, when they were with us before they were the fittest they've ever been, and their life was super positive. They want that feelig back! Many are returning and bringing their teenage children. This is awesome.

Excitment is building now as the Gold Sash grading of Mark Lunnon and Jeff Stiffle is just around the corner. Both these guys have been training over 20 years and are now preparing at full pace ready for this month long grading.

2019 is rapidly approaching and this will be our School's 40th Anniversary Year. Many of our members have been coming up with some excellent suggestions as to how we can celebrate this milestone event. We had a good 20th Anniversary function, a 25th, a 30th and a 35th, but the 40th has got to top them all! Whichever event we choose - it will be an awesome year of celebration. 

As always we have a small selection of member's reviews to read. The best judge of our training is the members that actually train with us. 


Training at the Gary Martin Kung-fu Centre is now a way of life...  It is a second home. Kung-fu has provided me with invaluable knowledge about life & how to be success in it. No matter what ups & downs I've faced, the Gary Martin Kung-fu Centre has always been that stable factor in my life. This is completely the result of the dedication & commitment of Gary & Julie. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without it.

Jeff S. - started training 1997

Transformational - A positive place that has taught me so much more than just how to defend myself.

Dean P. - started training 2001

It is a life changing experience. Learnt so much about life and positivities. I am fit and happy. One of the best choices I ever made in life was joining the white belt class and commiting to training for 9 years.

Jeelen T. - started training 2005

When I started Kung-fu I wasn't very fit or disciplined, Kung-fu has taught me self motivation, self discipline, self control and mental toughness. Learning this, alongside the physical fighting and fitness has influenced my life and the peoople around me more than anything else I have done.

Alex S. - started training 2003

I love the training & in particular, I find the arts history fascinating. Seeing the lineage of people who dedicated their lives to developing these three fantastic martial arts generation to generation before us is absolutely motivating. Gary Martin is to be applauded for his massive effort in teaching the three arts to the next generation of Kung-fu warriors. I am proud to be one of them.

Mark H. - started training 2010 

It provides you the balance & energy to live your life. It gives you a direction when obstacles appear.

Aaron T. - started training 1999

The training is world class, no one is a hero and to be trained by Gary Martin, you know yourself you're a world class athlete!

Stefan S. - started training 2010

Starting Kung-fu training at Gary Martin Kung-fu Centre has been one of the best decisions I've made, and it has been a strong & positive influence in my life. It is a lifestyle which I have chosen. A lifestyle which provides & promotes constant growth not only on a physical & skill based level but also on a mental and spiritual level. It is definitely a "one of a kind" School which has so much to offer. It's helped me grow fitter & stronger while I've seen friends etc. outside training go the other way, I've gained a large variety of skills not only martial but also healing which has benefited not only me but also my friends and family. It's helped to make me mentally stronger/tougher, confident and provided me with a better understanding. not only of myself but also others. Most importantly it has helped me to develop and broaden my awareness. It has been, and will continue to be a very positive influence in my life and I'm sure in many others as well.

Matt C. - started training 1998

Kung-fu is not only a lifestyle, it is who I am & what I do. It's philosophy has taught me that life is a CHOICE, we can choose how we think & how we feel. We can choose to live every second of our lives better than the last one.

Suzie U. - started training 1997

Best thing I've done is join Gary Martin Kung-fu Centre. Congratulations Gary for 35 years of teaching. You are an awesome mentor & an even better life coach! I'm so proud to be able to say I'm being taught by the best! Thanks Gary!

Nathan L. - started training 2003 

A life changing experience. Would not be where I am today without the lessons learnt studying Kung-fu. It basically has improved all areas of my life including health, confidence, career, family, relationships, and emotions.

Peter B. - started training 1996

Awesome, the full package, very involved. Lot of wisdom, knowledge to gain.

Ibrahim Y. - started training 2003

Awesome School, there's really nothing else like it, very effective martial arts and life changing talks from Gary, best decision I ever made was joining this School.

Mark T. - started training 2012