The Arts Taught

Gary Martin teaches 3 forms of kung-fu. Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Qua and the famous 12 animal art called Hsing-I. All 3 are rare fighting arts. Each art has its strength in a different area, but when combined they create a powerful fighting form that covers all aspects of a real attack against you. Added to these are drills for strength, speed and conditioning from modern elite athlete training programmes, which makes our program unique and unmatched for street effectiveness.

Hsing-I Chuan

The 12 animals art, is particularly strong against larger opponents and provides you with knife- fighting skills.

Pa Qua Chuan

Is extremely strong against multiple attackers, and ground-fighting skills that will enable you to defeat an opponent who attempts to use grappling on you.

Tai Chi Chuan

Its excellent footwork concepts provide you with exceptional mobility skills. Our Tai Chi as a martial art is not just the slow moving forms it is normally associated with. It is, in fact, a fantastic all round fighting art. There are actually many different types of Tai Chi, most are purely for health training, our's though is a combative fighting art. No doubt, somewhere on YouTube will be people boasting of defeating Tai Chi practitioners (not our type however), but the fact remains, no one has ever beaten us. 


Many schools claim to teach three or four different martial arts, but when you get there you find you have to pay for different uniforms for each one, different safety equipment for each one, you don't get the same instructor and often you have to pay different fees.  At our School you will be taught the three arts together, same night, same uniform, you will have your own instructor teaching you, and, one low fee only.


Tai Chi trains our footwork skills and striking focus (Ch'i)

Pa Qua gives us our ground fighting and multiple oponent fighting skills

Our knife defence comes from Hsing-I study