Our safety record is totally blemish free. This is a testament to our strict professional standards and the high skill and control of our members. Kung-fu training with us is a safe activity. All classes are organized into groups depending on your level of experience. All groups are individually trained by a qualified instructor and overseen by Gary nightly.

While our training is intense you will see and feel results in both confidence and fitness, that is never acheived at the expense of safety. None of our members want to go to work each day with bruises and black eyes.

There is one extremely important point that new people entering the Martial Arts should be aware of, and that is the dangers of facial and brain injuries caused by heavy head contact like what is found in boxing/ MMA type competitions. This has become a major concern for the medical profession who are calling for tighter control of these sports. People are joining these sports without being told of the dangers. We are aware of an MMA contestant who lost 8 months off work due to facial injuries that required surgery. Macho? We think doing something like this, which can ruin your life is plain stupid. We can fully assure you that at no point will our training place you in any danger of facial or brain injury. We train hard but smart.

Our classes follow correct modern day athlete training procedures that include proper warm-up / cool-down procedures and conditioning sciences that greatly enchance performance and reduce injury risk.

The fact that we have a large number of members still training with us after 10, 20 and even 30 years wthout any injuries whatsoever demonstrates our commitment to your safety and health. 


The correct method of striking is vital to performance and safety

Gary always ensures the equipment is being used correctly