The Training Centre

Our Centre is actually the largest in Australia. To demonstrate our commitment we have a fully equipped full time Centre that features; lecture rooms, canteen, a supply shop to purchase gear, off street parking and most importantly a professional and motivated team of instructors. Unlike most gyms we do not ask you to sign debit contracts. Our class fees are kept low and affordable and simply paid as you train.

Basically, all martial arts gyms around the world are similar. A small weights area, and a small training area covered in mats. Our Centre is different - we are a pure martial arts training centre. We don't pretend to be a weights gym, and we don't just train you to be able to only fight on mats.

We have a wide variety of different training areas at our gym to train you to be able to fight on any type of surface. For example: we have a grass area to train you what to do, and what not to do, if you are ever defending yourself on this type of surface. We have a sloping area to teach you how to best position yourself in a real fight to gain an advantage over your opponent. We have a rough surface training area like is found in carparks etc., and we have smooth surface training areas like you would find in a night club toilet etc. We even train you to fight in low light conditions in case you are attacked at night. Our Centre is the only one that has these facilities to train you to this high standard nightly.


Our training Centre has a fully equipped shop for members to purchase gear and accessories.


The training Centre is one of the largest in the world and is fully equipped with martial arts training gear.


Our lecture room is where our members study fascinating sciences like Chinese Medicine.


Members are taught massage skills. Massage is available for members.


Our School's foyer area displays the hundreds of newspaper & magazine articles we have been featured in through the years.


Our canteen area. Used by members to relax before or after their workouts.




Our Centre is Government Accredited. 


This means :-

  1. Our qualifications have been checked and verified

  2. We hold current first-aid certificates

  3. We uphold the strict professional standards of conduct in accordance with the Martial Arts Industry Assoc.

  4. We have been checked and cleared by the Child Protection Act.

  5. We are fully trained in safe exercise principles